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Functional Specification

LOK Yek Soon
Last Updated: December 31, 2001


OpenHermes is an open sourced CRM product that will support various activities in the Marketing, Sales and Support teams.

This spec is not complete in any form.




Marketing staffs can manage campaigns. Campaigns has a start and end date and users can create a master template to be used across all/selected campaigns. A master template is basically a set of to-do that the user will carry out in the course of managing a campaign. An example, is

  • set start-end date
  • set number of people to be targetted for campaign
  • set budget
  • set venue
  • get catering

User can also assign cost to each task they do. At the end of the campaign, the user can generate a report detailing the various cost associated and the amount spent on the campaign. The report can be presented to the client.

The marketing module should also be able to capture all the information of the targets (company or personnel details). It should also be able to show how who are the targets that shows interest in the campaign. Those that shows interests will be converted to propects.


Non Goals

This version will not support the following features:

  • work in progress...

openHermes Flowchart

We'll have time later to go into mind-numbing detail, but for now, let's look at a quick flowchart of the service so you get the big picture. This flowchart is not complete, but it does give you the right idea for the "storyboard" of using openHermes:

  • to be added soon...



Screen by Screen Specification

  • to be added....